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God is present here

It has not been my year. Yeah, I’m not so sure it has been my decade but this year in particular has been the kind of year that makes you beg for the dropping of that big ball in times square and the ringing in of the New Year. I started this year turning 40. Honestly, it wasn’t really as awful as I thought … Read More God is present here

happiness hurts

When a funny man who spent his life making other people smile suddenly takes his own life, most people want to know how. How could someone who made so many people happy, be so sad. Then there are the people who understand, who can see, that sometimes happiness hurts. Most of my life I was one of the people who could ask how on … Read More happiness hurts

She’s not all alone……..

Tonight I sat with a couple of the Michigan Football Players and waited for Faith. These are two boys who spend quite a bit of time with Will & Faith so they know us very well. Joe the older of the two, looked up at me and asked….how do you do it? It’s so awful, I watch, I see how hard it is, her … Read More She’s not all alone……..



I used to teach building relationships for a living. First for a few retail companies then I transitioned into the health care world. I understood the importance of building strong relationships with your clientele, or so I thought I did. Now I understand it at an entirely different level. I used to work for the mouse. While I was at what I still consider … Read More HAIL!

I’m holding on

My dads been gone almost four years. It hurts no less but the pain gets easier to live with. I remember a time when I couldn’t go a day without crying. It’s different now, there’s no more picking up the phone to ask for a ride, forgetting he’s gone, or constantly adjusting the tense in which I referred to him. I think it that … Read More I’m holding on

Leann’s Legacy

One thing I’ve realized in this journey is that sometimes your story changes. I have fifty unpublished blogs that for some reason or another I didn’t feel like sharing. When I go back usually it’s due to the fact that I’ve written them while angry, or tired, or just done. That’s what happened the other night, I was angry. I got a phone call … Read More Leann’s Legacy


There’s this unwritten rule in the world of chronically ill children. If your having good health you don’t talk about it. The nurses at the hospital, the other parents, the doctors, even the kids themselves. It’s as if you can somehow jinx the health they are having, the fact that they’ve been hospital stay free for a few months, the fact that it hasn’t … Read More Cure


Faith’s best friend moved to California. In the weeks leading up to the move I could tell it was really rough on Faith. But I also kept reminding myself that she has lost a few friends due to illness in the past couple years, so a move we could handle. As the night of the goodbye approached I realized that this friendship, wasn’t the … Read More Havannah

I have a little faith

Faith just turned seven. I actually can‘t believe she‘s seven. It seemed she was just turning four. I think the last few years have been so tough that they seemed to go by in such a blur. On my birthday, as I was blowing a candle out on a dessert she made me she asked me what I was going to wish for. I‘m … Read More I have a little faith


Someday I will tell you..that your the strongest person I know. that grandpa was wrong about me, that you are the toughest kid there is. Someday I will tell you that we couldn’t walk down the hallways of Mott without everyone saying hello to you. That even though you were tiny, you ever went unnoticed, and once there was a mother who told me … Read More Someday

changed…for the better

Faith is sick. She’s got a cold. But with Faith a cold is never just a cold.  A virus of almost any kind sends us to the hospital, but this time we seem to be doing a better job managing her health at home. Now I am constantly second guessing my decision to take her in, but we’ve decided for now we will continue … Read More changed…for the better

wish i may

I used to work at Walt Disney World. The most magical place on Earth. The place where fairy tales come true. I went to work at Disney World because I was a believer in magic and wishes and happily ever after. I believe I was born that way.  A believer in all things good, and that wishes would come true if you wished hard enough.  I … Read More wish i may