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my favorite four

I am not a person who lives with much regret.  It isn’t that I don’t make my share of mistakes, its just at a pretty young age I learned how to say I was sorry and admit my mistakes. There is a regret I have, that I think about way too often….not saying the eulogy at my Fathers funeral.  As we sat around the … Read More my favorite four

I’m the person hiding behind the milk

I am not a writer. I don’t enjoy it.  I do it mostly because my therapist and some of Faith’s doctors had suggested it.  I find that most of the time it makes me feel everything, more than I like to feel it. I’ve been contacted on a few occasions about putting my writing into a book. One of the people who gave me … Read More I’m the person hiding behind the milk

The nurses of Mott win, every time.

The specifics of what is happening with the nurses at Faith’s hospital Mott Children’s in Ann Arbor, I haven’t a clue about.  It is not that I don’t care, because I really do.  I think it is a matter of, I am dealing with as much mentally exhausting stuff as I can right now, and honestly, I’m not sure I can handle the details. … Read More The nurses of Mott win, every time.

Event on Main

I really hate nearly everything about the end of the school year.  The parties, the picnics, the graduations, the salute nights….all of it.  This year was particularly bothersome, as my son graduated from eighth grade.  Now, I’m not that mom that doesn’t want to see my kids grow up….in fact its the opposite, I enjoy seeing them grow and learn and mature…..except when there … Read More Event on Main

She’s NOT the sick kid….

I sat at a bar in my little home town of Dexter with two of my oldest and best friends a few weeks ago, its a new place, but really, an old place.  It’s been there since we were just middle schoolers.  It’s changed names and owners a few times, but it has always been a place, that I felt like home in.  Now, … Read More She’s NOT the sick kid….

Meet me at Murdock

I can’t even tell you how long it has been.  It was on the 27th of October, lots of years ago, the last time his hand was warm.  I was holding it when he started to take his final breaths…..I knew it was happening.  I had just told him where everyone was, and that Jamie was asleep on his shoulder.   I told him I … Read More Meet me at Murdock


all star

I was an All-Star.  No, really I was.  Third grade t-ball.  I was on Mr. Visel’s team and I was picked along with two other players to represent the yellow team.  It was the eighties so as you can imagine things were really different.   No such thing as equal opportunity.  He picked the best three players and I was one of them. I … Read More all star

She will….

It’s been way too long since I’ve written anything.  Faith loves reading my blog and asks me all the time to please write more. She said she thinks it helps her, she reads some of them over and over and often asks me to read them to her.  Sometimes she cries when she reads them, and she often laughs.  She gets me. She understand … Read More She will….

we learn love DR. TEITELBAUM

  We’ve been on this journey over six years now….a journey that has been filled with the darkest and lightest days of my life. A journey that has been blessed with the most amazing people god could have ever chosen to accompany us.  Today, one of those people, left us. He’s the person I tell people saved my Faith. So, while I know that this loss is inconceivably hard to his family, friends, and his colleagues, I … Read More we learn love DR. TEITELBAUM

just one day

It’s rare disease week.  Actually, rare disease day falls on the last day of February every year…ironically the very next day we celebrate Faith’s Birthday. Faiths disease is rare.  Rare enough that when you try to research it  you will come up pretty empty handed.  You see many times, even in our case on the legal medical papers and diagnosis they call it by a … Read More just one day

Be a Woodson

 Be a Woodson I am a Michigan fan. I have been since as early as I can remember. I have lived no more than 20 minutes away from the Big House for nearly my entire life. Growing up we believed Bo knew everything. Anthony Carter and Desmond Howard were who every little boy wanted to grow up to be. We loved Lloyd Carr and Charles Woodson, who was not … Read More Be a Woodson

It’s a marathon

     I’m in a bad place.  I feel like I can’t talk. I feel like I can’t really even think.  I also can’t sleep. I am in a position of wanting to change what I am slowly beginning to realize is my reality, or maybe more importantly what is Faith’s reality. The first couple of years after her diagnosis were so hard.  We literally … Read More It’s a marathon